Miyerkules, Marso 26, 2014



<-- Mystery Thursday #1


1. She was from the movie "Pitch Perfect".
2. She was a member of the Barden Bellas.
3. She was known as "Fat Amy" or "Fat Patricia" in that movie.

Please comment if you know the answer! :D

6000 Coins for Your Club Penguin Account! :D

Codes for You! :D

Hello! I think you will like these codes for your penguin in Club Penguin.. I think so? :D Okay, here it is!

PERCIVAL ► 500 coins
ESQUIORO ► 1500 coins
BRONCE21 ► 1500 coins
NARANJA8 ► 1500 coins
MEDALHA5 ► 500 coins
VERDE201 ► 500 coins

Oh yay. I tried them all! It 100% worked. :D Please comment if these codes worked for you! :D Bye! 

Miyerkules, Marso 19, 2014

It's the Muppets: World Tour Takeover in CP! 

Hey guys, I just logged in today and look what they've done in CP!

Below is the pictures I took and photo edited it so you can identify the countries and where the country place is! (Example : Plaza - USA) 

The penguin who is saying the THIS PLACE IS CROWDED
it's me.. Find the red circle to find me.. :)

Club Penguin Retired Items I'm Wearing... :O

Can you guys see my clothes and it's retired. (Except MP3000 and the Diva Eyes)

Ermahgherd.... What's happenin'? (I know what's happening. I have a cheat website that won't get your account banned.) 



Club Penguin: My Player Card for This Hour!

My Player Card for This Hour!

Hey guys it's my player card for this hour. So if you are online on Club Penguin please go ahead to the server Blizzard (or any other full server, I don't know) and try to find me. Good luck! :D

<---- I'm wearing the MP3000! (seriously, 3000?!!) 


Lunes, Marso 17, 2014

Hi guys! I am really excited because I am going to make a FROZEN PHOTOSHOOT in my CLUB PENGUIN home! :)) I am really happy. :D

I am excited. Are you guys excited?


Hey guys! I am a Club Penguin Member now because I think because I am subscribing to Club Penguin's blog? I don't know I just got an email from Club Penguin that I just got a 7 day membership code!! THAT IS AWESOME. I think the photo should have proof.


I think this email is super awesome..... :)))) HOORAY! :))))))) AHH :)) #happykid
Subscribe to Club Penguin's blog!! :) To get your free 1 Week Membership code. :D :) Bye!