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How to Install Fonts on PicsArt {AndroZip} (Android)


So today I will teach you how to install fonts on PicsArt. 

1.) get your mobile device. 
2.) get a zip app. (AndroZip, WinZip, etc.)
3.) go to the fonts site you like. (Dafont, FontSquirrel, etc.)
4.) download the font.
5.) once installed, click the file.
6.) if it says "Complete action with __", click the zip app you installed. Mine is AndroZip.
7.) long press the .ttf file. Then click "copy".
8.) Press home, on the left side, and go to the letter "P" Section, and click the PicsArt folder.
9.) Click fonts, and click "Copy here" on the top-right.
10.) There it is, it is officially installed.

1.) Open PicsArt App.
2.) click any picture, then click add text. 
3.) click "My Fonts" in the left bar.
4.) click the font you installed.
5.) you can use the font you installed.

Download the apps here:

AndroZip -
PicsArt -

Font Sites:

DaFont -
FontSquirrel -

Thank you, till the next tutorial! :)

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