Biyernes, Agosto 8, 2014

Minecraft PE Teleporting Glitch: Tutorial

Hey! :) 

So today I will be showing you on how to teleport to many miles in Minecraft Pocket Edition, or it might be also used on Minecraft PC. It might be a good weapon on escaping from zombies or skeletons, etc., since they walk a little slowly.

Okay here's how:

1.) make a "cross-like" 4x4 stone tower, like this: 

2.) then, change the floor to grass. What I mean is, that if it's ice, grass, sand, etc., change it to a stone that never sets on fire. (examples: gold, coal, lapis lazuli, diamond)

3.) get your materials: (this is the fun part) cow egg, (found on weapons category) lava bucket, (found on weapons category) water bucket (found on weapons category)
4.) as you can see in that picture above, put the spawn egg of cow in the middle, and spawn them! And then, go to the corner of the "tower", and squeeze yourself (in the corner where you can see the mixed-up faces of the cows) and then boom! You'll bump back in a far place. 

Thank you for looking at my tutorial!
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